How to Date a Stripper: 5 Steps

For men, getting the chance to bed a stripper is a fantastic thing to do. Most strippers are sexy and can offer great sexual pleasures in bed. However, unlike most women you get to meet in the street, strippers are a little a little bit thornier. Most strippers probably had a volatile childhood and had issues trusting people. Their love and devotion to other men is another big issue when dating a stripper. However, there are some very easy steps to get the strippers to your bed in no time.

date-a-stripper-430x247Step 1: Offer the benefit of doubt

Most men make the mistake of assuming all exotic dancers are promiscuous and unable to make money through other ways. When dating a stripper, make no prior judgments. Be open-minded and give her the benefit of the doubt. There are several intelligent dancers out there working their way to raise money for college fee or other important things. If you have a fixed mind about strippers, then you will probably never go far dating her.

Step 2: Choose the right club

Not all clubs will offer you the right strippers to date. When it comes to dating strippers, expect to meet all kinds of women. Some clubs have the gangster kind of strippers that attract gangster men, and you must avoid such clubs at all costs. The gentlemen clubs are the best when looking for a good stripper to date. Here you will find well-educated girls who are good at socializing. These girls are more interesting and open minded. They can socialize in the confines of their workplace.

Step 3: Show up at the club early

Going to the club early gives you the best opportunity of socializing with the girls when they are free. In the first hour or two after the club opens, most of the strippers are just chilling or practicing some new pole dance moves. This is the best time to try approaching them without feeling under pressure. At this time, the strippers are a bit relaxed and not in the crazy money making moods.

c5339b2fa0704a2ba0ae27ace13aaac053ce8ce5f27b4_1000x1000Step 4: Start a conversation

Before speaking to her, remember that most of these women are used to getting all forms of conversations from men. They usually have a script on how to handle such conversations and you should be aiming to control the conversation. Try to be unique and not appear like the regular customer. Be sweet and non-judgmental. Listen to her and give her a chance to tell you about her stories. Complement her on her beauty and use eye contact when speaking to her. This will make her feel comfortable and give you a fair chance.

Step 5: Ask her out

Before asking her, you can go ahead and tip her on stage without asking for a lap dance or any favors from her. Ask her out and see if she agrees. If she keeps turning you down, she is probably playing you so be patient with her. Remember these are women who have seen different types of men in their live and will not agree to anything easily unless its work related.


If all things go well, you might soon be dating a stripper. One of the things you must accept is her job. Working as a stripper does not mean these women have no future. In fact, most of these women might be working as a stripper to make good money because they have other big plans for the future lives.

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