How Escorts Screen Their Clients

Escorts like to be with clients, but the clients may be from different types. Some are hurried and rude, some try to negotiate while others will be complaining on the services they got even if these escorts, may have done everything possible to make them happy. However, the escorts have to be careful in how they choose their clientele.

Loyal and serious customers

Some of the clients can leave the tip before going to their homes and escorts appreciate such clients, but they would always choose to spend times with the loyal clients. They are the people who make the call near the time they want the meeting and they do respect the escorts and the company of the person as they enjoy theirs. They do give a good review and their opinion will matter a lot.

Every escort will get the call from the clients and they may seem that they are out of the league. They can be genuine gentlemen who look to get high quality service and they may manage in meeting the requirements of the escort. The escorts can choose them anytime and not such selfish guys that like to think more about themselves.

They make records of unpleasant clients

Escorts can manage the agenda in a careful manner and they will always remember when they have already seen the client. It can be necessary because guys may request the escort service and they can prove to be unpleasant company. The escorts will avoid them and some escorts may decide to hire the protection to be safe.

The business field is not about the relaxation, good time with the client or shopping. Some customer may be impolite and also insulting and the escorts have to try everything so that they can avoid them. Regardless of how much the client pays, he has to treat you fairly and well. If the client treats you unfairly and badly, then you have to inform the colleagues and if one of the clients will not respect you.

How independent escorts screen their clients

For independent escort, they work independently, they set their own hours and they operate as if they own small business. When some people think about the escorts, they think about the pimps, madams and brothels. However, many escorts will also work independently. The escorts are their own managers and they are the one to set the rules. This means that they also decide on own clients.

The girls who want to meet the clients, they have to write the right email. There is no need to write the pizza delivery email. Sometime the guys may target new escorts and they may think that they can take too much shit.

After writing a good email, the escorts will also need a reference for a new client. For the client who does not have reference, he should send the ID or anything else to prove who he is and the working status.

Even if the escorts try their best, in the end, they may meet men who want to rip them off and to pull out something shady. Some serious clients will not also want to talk about the fantasies and stuff on the email.

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