How to Get Your Lover to Share His Fantasies

Fantasies are great, aren’t they?

Within seconds they can get you hotter than the midday sun and, sometimes, they can bring you to the point of orgasm.

Often, they’re very personal things and some of them you may wish to always keep private. However, discussing your fantasies with your lover, and getting him to talk about his, can be even more arousing than simply thinking about your own.

image (12)Just Talkin’

I feel, at this point, that I should make one thing clear: talking about your fantasies and encouraging your lover to talk about his, doesn’t mean that you are obliged to act any of them out. I’m willing to bet that there are many things that you fantasize about that you would never actually want to do in reality. And I’m fairly certain the same is true for men.

So, discussing your most exciting and sexy imaginings is not about taking the first step to putting them into action, although it might be. Instead, it’s about bonding with your lover, exciting each other with some dirty talk and adding a new element to foreplay.

How to Get Your Guy to Open Up

Getting most men to talk about anything personal, let alone deeply personal, can be like trying to get blood from a stone. However, you’ll find that, once those floodgates are open, he’s likely to be much more candid with you about all kinds of things. So, how do you get him to open up in the first place?

Well, I would recommend that you start by telling him about one of your fantasies. Now, obviously, it’s not the sort of conversation you can bring up at a dinner party depending on the type of party, of course. My point is that you have to pick your moment to bring the subject up.

I would suggest that you bring it up over foreplay, by simply saying, “Hey, you know what’s been on my mind lately?” or words to that effect, then proceed to seductively tell him about one of your favorite fantasies. However, it should be something you’re comfortable sharing, so it probably won’t be anything too kinky initially. In addition, it’s probably a good idea if the fantasy involves the lover you’re currently with if it doesn’t, then make a quick edit for his benefit!

Responding to His Fantasies

When he starts to tell you about his fantasies, they will probably be quite tame. He’ll start with comfortable ground, just as you would. Don’t automatically assume that he’s going to want you to reenact anything that he mentions, because in all likelihood he won’t. However, if he does mention something that piques your interest, you might want to suggest that the two of you try it sometime.

Always remember that these are fantasies, nothing more. So, if he mentions anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, bear in mind there are probably some imaginings lurking in your mind that would seem a little bizarre to him, too. If he mentions anything that you find deeply disturbing, then you may wish to address it with him, or simply ask him not to mention it again. On the whole, however, sharing fantasies should be a mutually exciting, arousing and fun experience.

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