Las Vegas escorts etiquette

If you are calling one Vegas Call Girls, there are few etiquettes that you have to keep in mind:

  • The girl does not sit on the phone all dressed u waiting for you to call. If you have to book for an appointment, at least give 24 hours notice
  • If you want to get the same day appointment, you should text her first to see if she is available. Sometime the girl you want may be available. However, know the right time to call and that the girl may not be available.
  • The best and easiest way that you can contact the girl is by sending the email. When you send an email, tell her the time you want her to meet you, where you are and which type of service you would like
  • When you call, you have to be respectful, you should not start as hey baby, are you available or something else
  • Know about verification process and be ready to go through it. If you visit a review website, it is better to offer a review to the girl or tell her the username you are using since this will help her to be more comfortable with you.
  • You may be asked to send the hotel number of the room where you are so that the escort can get more information about you when she calls.
  • The safety and privacy of you and the escort are important. The date starts in the open and public place and it is rare for an escort who does not know you to visit you in your private residence.
  • After the meeting, then you and the escort you will come to the agreement if the date should continue or not. The date may end if the escort is uncomfortable or if you think that she is not compatible with you
  • Always go to meet the escort when you have freshly showered, don’t smoke and brush your teeth. Do not drink too much and do not use drugs.
  • The escorts are humans even if they may be open minded, they will not enjoy the pain too much. So don’t try it
  • Put the compensation of the woman in the gift bag or in the envelope. You can pass it to the woman in a discreet manner as soon as you meet her. Pay as you agreed with the girl from the start and do not try to negotiate the price after the girl is already with you.
  • The money you exchange with the girl is to compensate for the time you spend with her. If there is anything that will pass between the two of you, then it will be based on the personal agreement of two people who are adult and legal age to make the decisions.
  • The time with an escort will start when you meet her in the place you want.
  • The escort is doing the business so you do not expect her that she should work without you paying her. An escort had to be considered as any other professional like accountant or a lawyer. You are paying for her time, sensuality and company.
  • If you want the escort to say longer than you agreed, you have to ask her if she is available and that she is willing to extend her time.
  • If you want to cancel the appointment with an escort, you should do this before two hours of the time you would have met. You have also to know how much you will pay as cancelation fee.

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