Average salary for Escorts

What is the average salary for escorts? Asking how much an escort earns in a month is like asking how long a certain road is. There are several factors that must be looked at before you can come up with an average salary for an escort. One thing for sure is that escorts make tons of cash, and if you have the looks, you can be a millionaire in a year or so.

There are escorts who work full-time while others work part-time. There are also two categories of escorts; the regular and the VIP. However, in average, escorts are paid $280 an hour which is pretty good but surprising to many. Why pay escorts $280 an hour to do something that other women do for free? One would argue that they are at risk of exposure to diseases, violence, and abuse but there are escorts who are pretty safe working with registered agencies.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.03.43 pmAverage salary of a regular escort

The average salary of a regular escort will range from $5000 to $10,000 per month. When the month is bad, the escort can make around $5000 while when the month is good, they go as high as 10k. There a lot that goes to determine how much the escorts make in a month but the income is pretty okay for a good living. This income is much higher than what most people in the US are working for a long hour. It becomes much easier and enjoyable for women who enjoy what they are doing.

Average Salary for the VIP escorts

Being a VIP escort is not easy as you must have a look and the brains. Not anybody can work as a VIP escort. These are the escorts that are hired to work with some of the wealthiest men in the world giving them some pleasurable moments but getting some good money in return. On the lower side, these escorts make $30,000 a month but the figures can go pretty high when their month is good, and they manage to get some good clients. Some escorts have reported making as high as $72,000 a month and even higher.

8f0986f1a263b41f972a3c92d71cd097There are cases where the escorts are hired for a weekend with prominent figures in the society where they can even make over $30,000 a week. It all comes down to how well you are connected and the kind of clients you deal with. Independent escorts who have been in the business for years and are well established make tons of cash as they have good sources of clients.

When starting, one can make an average of $5000 a month, but the figures will grow as you stay in the field and learn how to deal with the clients. Most of the escorts earn more from tips with their clients than the actual pay for the services. The agency does not calculate the fee involved with the clients but just takes the agency fee and leaves the client to discuss the pay with the escort. The services the client requests go a long way in determining how much they are charged.

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