What is the Average size of dicks

Have you ever wondered what the average size of a penis is? Men and women around the world want the answer to what is the average size of a dick? The average size of a dick can be derived from several measurements done on different men from different regions of the world. The penis size is a huge topic for men and women alike as most people try to know if there is any relation with sexual pleasures.

xcondomaniapenissizechart.jpg.pagespeed.ic.wwq33h5t2bDoes it matter how big the size of the penis is when it comes to sex? The norm in the society is that big is better for women but is that the case? Scientists from different parts of the world have come out with 6.4 inches as the average size, but this does vary from one country to another. For example, research done found how women liked and most preferred an average of 6.4 inches. The norm in the society that bigger is usually better might not be true as most women only preferred slightly above average penis sizes.

Ideal penis size

The ideal penis size from different parts of the world is estimated to be 6.4 inches which are 13.3 cm long with a circumference of 5.0 inches. The growth of the penis occurs from the infancy age to the onset of puberty which is approximately 17 years for most people. The penis measurement is usually taken when the penis is fully erect as a flaccid penis is a poor indicator of penis size.

Further studies done on a group of women showed they cared more on the average girth of the penis than the actual length. Most of the women did not equate bigger to mean better. For longer relationships, most of the women questioned preferred a penis shorter in length for physical comfort and less masculinity. By saying small, I mean average or slightly less than average. Those engaging in a short-term relationship or a one night stand preferred a bigger penis for increased physical sensitivity.

penis-sizeThere has not been found any significant relationship between the size of the penis and other body parts. One thing that can affect the size of the penis are things like the environmental factors and genetics like the endocrine receptors. Adult men with a penis size of less than 7cm when erect without any deformities have what we call a micropenis in the medicine world. The penis size has been found to increase with the increase in the testosterone levels during the puberty stages.

The perceptions held all over the world about the penis size are culture specific and not scientific. In the Ancient Greece, a small penis that was uncircumcised was thought to be great. However, this view was contrary to what was held in the Ancient Rome where bigger was always the preferred choice.

What remains a fact is that penis size does not play a big role in how a woman feels. As long as it can erect, the size does not matter. Women like it average or slightly larger. It always comes down to your confidence when having sex if you want the moment to be enjoyable rather than the size.

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