Did she fake it last night? You may never know…

A lot of woman have never experienced an orgasm before or cant bring one on so they tend to fake it for a couple of reasons

  • to not make their partner feel inadequate
  • because most women will feel satisfaction without actually having an orgasm so, where we are done- we are done!

Reasons-women-fake-an-orgasm-during-IntercourseI bet 9 times out of 10 a man has no clue to if his woman faked it or not…. I watched a program on tv that inspired me to write this because it had an experiment- 3 couple that had 3 nights of sex in row. The men had to guess what nights she faked it (if at all) and not very surprisingly at all, the men had no clue! They could not tell the difference. Maybe it’s because we are pretty good actresses in the sack. Being that I have faked it myself from time to time (or maybe more than I care to admit) it’s time to let the cat at of the bag.

This is my theory- if men really knew that we were not pleased- don’t you think that they would apply more effort and perfect skills so we can have some enjoyment as well? I think so… If you read this and you discover that your woman is faking it, I suggest reading further on this blog so you can apply some techniques that work with you that you can perfect so you can have the best sex with your partner.

So here it is…

women-fake-orgasmI read on a website for men’s advise on this topic that told men that the clitoris disappears that’s how you know your on the right track- don’t be fooled boys, this is not true. A woman’s clitoris will expand and get bigger as it is stimulated-that my friend is how you know your on the right track! Some websites are also saying sweating and red lips- Guys- listen up, Rolling around in the hay will cause us to sweat, when we sweat our lips get rosy so you may want to rule all of those out.

When a woman has an orgasm, her heart rate elevates, her skin will be warmer to the touch since body tempature elevates. Orgasms starts a chain reaction leading to her cheeks getting flush, her legs will flutter uncontrollably and eye dilatation occurs. Her vagina will spasm on the inside (which you can feel) because this is her cervix naturally trying to gather sperm (practice safe sex folks and don’t be fooled by her doing Kegel exercise either lol ) Even though some woman can mimic the shaking outside the body just not inside and she cant fake the flushed faced affect.

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